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Milk and Honey

In this resource Sally Ackroyd considers the ways rural life museums interpret dairying and beekeeping collections. Both subjects are of considerable current interest to a wide range of audiences and rural life museums are responding to this interest.

Drums Roll...

A new publication about interpreting threshing machines in rural life museums, from the Rural Museums Network.

MMN North West Training day

The first Money & Medals numismatic training day was held on the 27th of June at Manchester Museum. The event was run in conjunction with Museum Development North West who were able to provide a numismatic starter kit for each attending institution. Representatives from fifteen museums and galleries across the region were present. The day was a great success and special thanks must go to Lynsey Jones of Museum Development North West for helping to make the day’s programme of events run so smoothly.

Identifying plastics toolkit

The Identifying Plastics Toolkit consists of two parts:

• an online Identification route map, which you can use with objects from your own collection. It will help you find your way through the myriad of decisions to be made when identifying the specific plastics material from which an object may be made.

• a Travelling toolkit which is a physical resource that you can borrow free of charge. It aims to familiarise you with the characteristics of the plastics materials most frequently encountered within museum collections and provide a methodology to help in their identification.

From Art History to Smarthistory

altCollections Trust CEO Nick Poole investigates Smarthistory, the new US-based phenomenon that is opening up art history to millions of online learners via the Khan Academy.

Ask Dr Steven Zucker and Dr Beth Harris where they got the idea for Smarthistory (tagline “Art. History. Conversation”) and they are characteristically modest, “It started quite humbly. We couldn’t get our students to read their art history textbooks. We needed a better way to inspire a conversation about art.”

Fast forward four years, and Smarthistory is part of a new generation of massively open educational platforms, offering access to more than 500 instructional videos about art and art history, used by millions of learners.

The Power of the Plough

The RMN is very pleased to publish The Power of the Plough by Sally Ackroyd and Judith Carruthers.

Being large items ploughs are awkward to accommodate, and nowadays few people fully understand the differences between one and another or how they were used. This makes them a challenge to interpret but Sally’s and Judith’s work considers the many interesting and absorbing ways we treat ploughs and ploughing in our museums.


Author: Sally Ackroyd and Judith Carruthers
Publisher: Rural Museums Network
Publication date: 13-12-2012

UK Medical Collections Group Powerpoint on 'A Matter of Life and Death: the history of medicine in Bristol, past and present' from the 'Becoming a Healthy Museum Conference' 2012

Janine Marriott, Learning Coordinator from Arnos Vale Cemetery talks about their project which looks at the history of medicine in Bristol. The presentation was delivered to the 2012 UKMCG ‘Becoming a Healthy museum’ conference.


Author: Janine Marriott
Publisher: UK Medical Collections Group

UK Medical Collections Group Powerpoint on 'PSHE education and working with schools' from the 'Becoming a Healthy Museum Conference' 2012

Lucy Marcovitch, education consultant and writer, discusses PSHE and working with schools in this presentation, originally given at the ‘Becoming a Healthy museum’ conference in May 2012.


Author: Lucy Marcovitch
Publisher: UK Medical Collections Group

UK Medical Collections Group Powerpoint on 'Addressing Health and Wellbeing in Gallery Programmes' from the 'Becoming a Healthy Museum Conference' 2012

Presentation by Michelle Douek from Dulwich Picture Gallery given at the 2012 conference ‘Becoming a Healthy Museum’ which discusses health and wellbeing in gallery programmes.


Author: Michelle Douek
Publisher: UK Medical Collections Group
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