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Environmental Control

The opportunity for museums in going green

Radiating yellow-green crystalline groups of adamite. Natural History Museum, LondonEnergy efficiency in museums is about much more than principles. It can deliver real financial savings, reduce carbon emissions and help engage audiences in a new conversation about what museums are for. It can even help win the advocacy battle with Local Authorities. Responding to an article by Alison Tickell of Julie's Bicycle, Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole explores the opportunities for museums in going green.

In her post on the Guardian Culture Professionals Network ('Environmental reporting: sustainability matters for the arts') Julie's Bicycle CEO Alison Tickell highlights how important it is for creative, cultural and arts organisations to take control of the debate about energy use and sustainability with good, solid data and evidence. 

Julie's Bicycle is a wonderful organisation that works with creative & cultural organisations to place environmental sustainability at the heart of their business - helping them to monitor impact, improve their energy use and reduce their carbon consumption. These are key messages for the UK's museum and gallery community too - that energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are not only good, they are good for business and good for our visitors.

National Gallery Light Sources website

The National Gallery has recently announced that it will be moving to LED light sources for much of its in-gallery lighting. This decision followed a programme of assessment and evaluation of both the energy requirements and output of different light sources and their impact on the Collections.

Museum Pieces - LUX Magazine

Lux Magazine is a leading online journal for the lighting industry. In its latest issue, there is an article on the rise and rise of LED lighting in museums and galleries.

Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings - the National Trust Approach

This presentation from Dr Nigel Blades at the national Trust sets out the National Trust's approach to energy effiency in historic properties, including detailed examples and techniques taken from current management and conservation practice. 2010

Museum Collections in Industrial Buildings

Museums and Galleries Commission publication which aims is to improve communication among all those involved in the design and adaptation of premises
housing collections. It deals mainly with spatial planning and environmental
management issues.

Working with Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

This factsheet from the Health & Safety Executive (reproduced under Crown Copyright) provides an introduction to the main considerations when working with Substances Hazardous to Health.

Selection of personal protective equipment

Health and Safety Executive Control Guidance Sheet S101. Selection of personal protective equipment. Offers advice on the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

General Ventilation

Health and Safety Executive Control Guidance Sheet 100. General Ventilation.

Chemicals causing harm via skin or eye contact

Health and Safety Executive Control Guidance Sheet S100. General Advice: chemicals causing harm via skin or eye contact.

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