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Security and Buildings

Collections are contained within some sort of physical space, whether it is a building, a perimeter enclosure, store-room or display case. Those physical spaces and constructions are the first line of defence against security threats, as they provide the physical means by which you can deter, delay and defeat the intruder, or help to avoid fire and flood. The construction, materials and reinforcement of these spaces will impact on the quality of the defence you are able to provide to your collections against threats: buildings and perimeters are the first line of defence against loss.

All of the decisions you make about the physical defences you use to protect your collections will be made in the context of your museum's mission and policies, and a full audit of your circumstances. The Museum Security Toolkit will help you to audit your current circumstances regarding protecting your collections from theft, fire and flood, and to use a risk management approach to manage threats and choose appropriate control measures.

Buildings and Perimeters: the first line of defence

Detailed Guidance on Buildings Security

The following resources provide more detailed guidance to security measures for buildings and perimeters:

Detailed Guidance for New Build Projects

For more information about managing security in physical spaces such as exhibition areas and cases see Security and Collections