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The Best in Heritage - Excellence Club

In the past 11 editions of "The Best in Heritage" conference, more than 200 award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects have been presented to the audience. Abstracts of all presented projects, together with video footage recorded at the conference, are available at the official website.

The accumulation of such positive, constructive efforts, so evidently recognized by the fellow professionals and the wider public, has achieved such a coherence that it deserved a name. Therefore, this collection was dubbed "The Excellence Club" - an informal but real club of laureates from all over the world.

2013 edition of the conference will take place 19-21 September, as ever, in Dubrovnik.

Read more about the resource on this website (external link)

Behind the Cheque

Collections Trust Chief Executive Nick Poole reviews the one-day 'Insurance for Museums' conference organised by the Collections Trust at the British Library in April 2013.

You know the drill. You buy an insurance policy, hoping that nothing bad will happen. And then it does. You make your claim, swallow the excess, and then wait for the cheque to arrive. That's the way most of us think of insurance, whether in our personal lives or in insuring the treasures in our collections. But what does that cheque mean? What's it for? And what, exactly, are you insuring against?

It was to explore these questions that the Collections Trust organised the one-day 'Insurance for Museums' conference, sponsored by Hiscox and Blackwall Green, which took place on the 25th April at the British Library on Euston Road, London.

11th Member States Expert Group on Digitisation

Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole reports from the 11th meeting of the European Member States Expert Group on Digitisation and Digital Preservation, which takes place twice a year in the European Parliament building in Gasperich, Luxembourg.

In recent years, my twice-yearly pilgrimage to Gasperich has been, if not a chore then, perhaps, a little predictable. The group brings together national experts from all 27 EU Member States to review and make recommendations on the European Commission's recommendations on digitisation, which the UK signed up to under Culture Secretary David Lammy in 2006 and which were updated and reinforced on the 27th October 2011. Discussions usually focus on Europeana, funding and the progress of national strategies for Digitisation (updating the UK position is easy - we don't have one).

The Museum Security Toolkit

The Museum Security Toolkit is an integrated approach to museum security, which supports museums to maintain and improve the security of their collections against theft, fire and flood. It has been developed for museums and other heritage facilities as a result of the Collections Trust project Building Capacity for Museum Security which was funded by Arts Council England. The Toolkit provides a rationale for museum security auditing which builds on security experience already in the museum sector and includes knowledge and techniques developed in Neighbourhood Policing.

Managing Cultural Collections to Unlock Potential

Museums play a unique and important role in society. They help us understand where we have come from, telling the story of our shared cultural identity. They help us learn from the past, so that we can create a better future.

Strategic collections management as a professional discipline is at the very core of what a modern museum is and does. It combines new insight into management with skills in ‘traditional’ museum practices like documentation, environmental management and security. It brings together soft skills with subject expertise and the ability to use technology creatively to drive new forms of engagement.

Icon Call for Tenders for Development of Chantry Library

The Institute of Conservation (Icon) has announced a Call for Tenders for a consultant or consultants to undertake a review and develop a case for development support for the Chantry Library.

About the Call for Tenders

Icon has a valued asset in the Chantry Library and the associated Beatrix Chantry Fund, established in memory of Judith Chantry. Icon Trustees have decided that serious consideration should be given to enhancing the potential of the Chantry Library and building on the foundation of the Beatrix Chantry Fund before it is exhausted in 2015. The Trustees have therefore decided to initiate the Icon Chantry Library Development Project to extend and transform the current role of the Chantry Library.

Call for Tender: PACR Quinquennial Review

altThe Institute of Conservation (ICON) has issued a Call for Tenders for consultants to undertake a quinquennial review of the PACR (Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers) scheme. 


The Quinquennial review for 2013 will be the third one since PACR was implemented in 2000.  The first review in 2003 focused on the operational aspects of the PACR process and its professional standards structure. In 2008 the review aimed to find out how PACR could address the needs of the conservation community and its stakeholders over the next decade as well develop a process that would be as fully inclusive as possible to all practising conservators in the cultural sector .

Collections Trust launches new Insurance for Museums Conference

A one-day event to address key insurance issues affecting all those directing, managing and organising museums, archives, galleries and private collections has been launched by the Collections Trust. The Insurance for Museums Conference will be presented at the British Library Conference Centre on 25 April 2013.

Sponsored by specialist brokers Blackwall Green and insurers Hiscox, its programme will focus on why museums need insurance, the different types of insurance available, how to find policies which their specific needs, and the availability of bespoke policies to cover specific activities and collections items.

SHARE Museums East How To Guide to Plan and Prioritise for Collections Care


This How To Guide is published by Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, in partnership with the Collections Trust to help explore the role of planning in delivering effective collections care and give guidance on achieving your goals by efficient planning.

Click below to access the How To Guide:
Read more about the resource on this website (external link)

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