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Digital Asset Management for Museums

27 November 2013
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

The Digital Asset Management for Museums Conference, held on 27 November 2013, was a huge success with delegates rating it 100% Good to Excellent. Useful resources from the day will shortly be available from this website.

DAM Conference

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You've decided to implement a Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy, but how do you ensure it succeeds in your museum? This day-long conference explored the best ways forward.

As technology continues to transform our culture, the creation, management and use of digital assets has become core business for museums. Investment in digital content brings both tremendous opportunities for engagement and audience development, and challenges in terms of preservation and strategic planning.

In response to these challenges, the model of professional collections management has expanded beyond the physical collection and its associated information to include DAM.

The experience of museums all over the world shows DAM works best when it is woven into the existing priorities and practices of the organisation. Collections Trust has created its new Digital Asset Management for Museums Conference to capture and open up emerging best practices in integrating digital assets into existing collections management.

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