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How to use the Site and Help
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Collections Link is an online platform designed to support professional collaboration, skills exchange and development. It has 5 main components:

  • A set of social collaboration tools which allow you to create a profile, create and join groups and networks, upload your own resources and create your own professional development library
  • A set of published resources, guidelines, factsheets and other material structured both by subject (the type of material in the Collection) and by practice (the particular professional process or discipline). These can be downloaded, favourited and shared with other users and through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.
  • A section which brings together all of the resources relating to a particular standard or initiative, such as the Museums Accreditation Scheme
  • A database of suppliers of products, goods or services relating to specific areas of Collections Management
  • A database of events listings including conferences, seminars, hackdays and training opportunities

The success of Collections Link depends entirely on you, the user, actively participating and uploading new content. The content on the site is mediated by the user community - Collections Trust does not edit or amend content unless it is defamatory or otherwise inappropriate. You are our collaborator, and between us we are responsible for making Collections Link as effective as possible.  Download our guidance pack on uploading resources.

To get the most out of Collections Link you should start by clicking on 'Collaborate' and creating a profile on the site. This is a simple registration process, which will ask you some specific questions about your role and employment. You can also create an avatar (a picture to represent you on the site) and provide information about your skills and interests which will help other users connect with you.

Once you have created your profile, why not have a browse around the site and see what we've got on offer. Our repository of professional skills and publications has been developed over the past 7 years and is the sector's most comprehensive resource on Collections Management practice.

Once you've seen what we've got, why not add to it! Just click on 'Add a Resource' under the 'Collaborate' menu and complete the short form. Then go to 'My Resources' under Collaborate' to Publish the resource.

We hope you get as much as possible out of using and participating in Collections Link. We're always looking for ways to improve it, so please do let us have your feedback!