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Friday, Feb 14th

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OpenCulture 2012 Videos, Presentations and Resources

Click on a speaker's name to download their powerpoint presentation.  Photos from the event can be viewed on Flickr here.

Tuesday 26th June

Video message from Neelie Kroes of the European Commission

Welcome address from Margaret Greeves, Chair of the Collections Trust

Welcome address from Scott Furlong of Arts Council England

EUNIC - Working in Europe for Europe by Peter Mikl

Panel Session: Opening Up Our Cultural Heritage by Steve Crossan, Bill Thompson and Alan Payne

The Your Paintings Project by Andy Ellis

Connecting Collections & Tourism by Anra Kennedy

The People's Record Project by Georgia Vossou

Shared Services for Digital Research and the ResearchSpace Project by Dominic Oldman

A Roadmap to put Business Model Innovation into Practice by Marco Streefkerk

Paperless Print Room by Ottavia Tonelli and Sheila Perry. Also watch a video for this presentation.

Digital Provenance by Roger Layton

SPECTRUM Roadmap Meeting

Wednesday 27th June

Shared Values, Worlds Apart: What Matters about Heritage Collections? by William Lindsay

The Crisis in Storage by Simon Lambert

Excellence in Collections by Alex Dawson

Sustaining Digital: Why Bother? by Jeremy Ottevanger

Sustainable Environmental Management by Nancy Bell

Making Contact with Collections by Miriam Craik-Horan and Jasleen Kaur

Historypin and Massively Multi-Player Crowd sourcing by Nick Stanhope

In Defence of the Curator by Dr. Tim Ewin

Panel Session: Significance, Relevance and Resilience by Caroline Reed, Prof Janet Ulph, Jonathan Wallis and Sarah Paul

There are also 2 videos from Jonathan Wallis: click here for 1 and 2.

Scope by Matt Webb. Matt's presentation also included 2 videos: download video 1 and video 2.