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Sunday, May 25th

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Heritage Lottery Fund

HLF announces funding for Strategic Collecting!

In fantastic news for the UK collections community, the Heritage Lottery Fund has announced a further investment of £5m in a new phase of its successful Collecting Cultures programme.

Collections Trust welcomes HLF Digital announcement

altThe Collections Trust has welcomed the Heritage Lottery Fund’s announcement that they will now accept proposals for projects whose sole or primary focus is digital engagement. The HLF has stated that content produced by funded projects should be made openly available for re-use.

At British Museum this morning the Fund launched its new 5-year HLF Strategic Framework titled “A Lasting Difference for Heritage and People”, which commits annual funding of £375m to heritage initiatives. The Framework will also require projects above £2m to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability through the use of an innovative Carbon Footprint calculator.

Resources for HLF Applicants

The Heritage Lottery Fund has announced that for the first time it will accept funding proposals whose 'sole or primary focus is digital engagement'. They have also committed to ensuring that where their funding is used to generate digital content, that content should be made freely available for creative re-use.

How to open up your content

Working with the Arts Council England, the Collections Trust has created a service called the 'Culture Grid' that is designed to help cultural, heritage and arts organisations share their collections openly online while managing risk and cost. The Culture Grid is effectively a 'staging post' into which you can put your digital content, and from which you can decide how you want it to be made openly available.

Why open up your content?

Many organisations considering submitting funding proposals to the HLF will need to consider the implications of making their digital content openly available for re-use. This brief paper has been created to help you consider the opportunities and the challenges, and to provide some examples of other heritage institutions that have opened up their collections in this way.

Examples of Open Content with the Culture Grid

The Culture Grid offers access to a unique and growing range of UK collections information from many different collecting organisations. It contains over 1 million records from over 50 UK collections, covering a huge range of topics and periods. It can provide your organisation with a simple, cheap and low-risk way of opening up your collections for re-use, and is an excellent way of signalling your commitment to open content when creating your Heritage Lottery Fund proposal.

Copyright and Digital Content

If you are thinking about applying for HLF funding for a Digital project, you will need to consider how you will address the question of Copyright, and which licensing conditions you will attach. The most common approach is to adopt either a Creative Commons License, or the increasingly popular Open Government License maintained by the National Archives.