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Saturday, Jun 21st

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Reviewing Significance

Blog: Ethics and Transparency

Mind-map of ethics discussionBy Nick Poole, Collections Trust CEO

Today saw the AHRC-funded Museum Ethics Network meet for the second time to continue our discussions about the need for new approaches to museum ethics for the 21st Century.

Piloting the Screen Heritage UK Moving Image Collection Assessment Toolkit

The toolkit was developed in partnership with teams from four London collections: The British Postal Museum and Archive, The Goldsmiths’ Company Library, National Maritime Museum, and Hillingdon Local Studies Archives and Museums. These case studies show how the piloting process worked for each of the four partners. Commissioned by London’s Screen Archives, with support from the Screen Heritage UK programme and from Film London, the toolkit was developed by Museum and Heritage Consultant Caroline Reed and film archivist David Cleveland. The 'Screen Heritage UK Moving Image Collection Assessment Toolkit' is available to download from Collections Link. It is a companion to 'The Screen Heritage UK Moving Image Collections Handbook'.

Download this resource from the London's Screen Archives website (opens in new window)

Screen Heritage UK Moving Image Collection Assessment Toolkit


{attachments}This toolkit, based on the Reviewing Significance Framework, offers two complementary processes, Significance Assessment and Collections Review, which will assist all holders of moving image material to care for and use their collections better. Commissioned by London

Reviewing Significance 2.0

Developed by Museum and Heritage Consultant, Caroline Reed Reviewing Significance 2.0 is an updated version of the Reviewing Significance framework published by Renaissance East Midlands (REM) in 2010. Since writing the original framework, Caroline has used it to underpin a Museums Association Effective Collections project and led on the development of a parallel model for use with moving image archive collections for London’s Screen Archives. Firmly following the principles of the original, Reviewing Significance 2.0 provides a streamlined introduction to the methodology and some improvements to the original assessment tools – making them even easier to use.

Reviewing Significance - Introduction

Assessing the significance of museum collections is increasingly being recognised as an integral element of strategic collections management work, and essential when prioritising resource allocation and seeking external funding or support.

What's in Store

Publication looking at pilot collections reviews in the NW, including a methodology

Collections Reviewing Significance Framework

Reviewing Significance: a framework for assessing museum collections’ significance, management and use’ sets out a series of criteria which reflect and recognise the different meanings and significance collections may have for local, regional, national and international audiences.