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Now in its 4th edition, the SPECTRUM Standard is used by more than 8,000 museums in 40 countries worldwide to improve the management, sustainability and use of their Collections.


SPECTRUM: the UK Museum Collections Management Standard

SPECTRUM is an open, and freely available collections management standard , and is now widely recognised nationally and internationally, as the primary specification for collections management activity in museums. It was launched in 1994 after an extensive collaborative development project.

SPECTRUM is actively developed and maintained through collaboration with museum professionals and brings together the knowledge, expertise and experience of hundreds of museums, from nationals to volunteer run societies. By using the SPECTRUM standard you can ensure that your museum follows best practice in the management and use of your collections, in a way that is both proportionate to your resources and meets your public responsibilities.

SPECTRUM is more than just the SPECTRUM publications: when museums refer to “SPECTRUM” they are referring to a way of working with museum collections which is represented by:

-The CORE SPECTRUM Standard (SPECTRUM 4.0 and Appendix 1); SPECTRUM Digital Asset Management, the SPECTRUM Schema and an Archive of previous versions of SPECTRUM. The core SPECTRUM standard is managed, developed and published by the Collections Trust. Some Collections Trust National Partners are licenced to translate the core standard into other languages, and localise it to serve their own museum communities. Information about translation projects, and links to translations of the core standard can be found on the National Partner pages.

-SPECTRUM Resources which support the application of the standard

-The SPECTRUM Community which includes anyone who uses the standard nationally or internationally. Community members may work with collections, use SPECTRUM as a benchmark to assess collections management processes, use SPECTRUM to create collections management software through the SPECTRUM Partners Scheme, or be in the process of translating and localising SPECTRUM. The SPECTRUM Community uses the SPECTRUM Group on Collections Link to share information, and discuss the SPECTRUM standard.

SPECTRUM Licencing for the SPECTRUM Community

All registered users of Collections Link are automatically granted a licence to download and use the core SPECTRUM standard for non-commercial purposes, at no cost. For full details and further information about the SPECTRUM Licencing for all SPECTRUM users click here.

Support packages from the Collections Trust

Members of the International Community may also benefit from a package of tailored support from the Collections Trust including:
- Development of bespoke support
- Collections management training
- Workforce development to support the management and use of collections

For full details and further information about SPECTRUM Licencing see SPECTRUM Licensing and the SPECTRUM Community, or if you would like to discuss support packages from the Collections Trust please contact Development Director John Woolley at [email protected]

More about SPECTRUM

This slideshow provides a general introduction to SPECTRUM and the international SPECTRUM Community: