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Rural Life

Milk and Honey

In this resource Sally Ackroyd considers the ways rural life museums interpret dairying and beekeeping collections. Both subjects are of considerable current interest to a wide range of audiences and rural life museums are responding to this interest.

Drums Roll...

A new publication about interpreting threshing machines in rural life museums, from the Rural Museums Network.

The Power of the Plough

The RMN is very pleased to publish The Power of the Plough by Sally Ackroyd and Judith Carruthers.

Being large items ploughs are awkward to accommodate, and nowadays few people fully understand the differences between one and another or how they were used. This makes them a challenge to interpret but Sally’s and Judith’s work considers the many interesting and absorbing ways we treat ploughs and ploughing in our museums.


Author: Sally Ackroyd and Judith Carruthers
Publisher: Rural Museums Network
Publication date: 13-12-2012

Digging Deep

Two years ago the Rural Museums Network successfully bid to the Museums Association Effective Collections programme to run a ploughs project. The first stage was to survey and review ploughs in rural museum collections, and the Network asked Catherine Wilson to do this. Her report ‘Digging Deep’ is available on the RMN website.