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There are thousands of companies that specialise in commercial clearances, so finding one to remove your waste should be no stress. However, finding one that is legally compliant, well priced and trustworthy is slightly more challenging. That’s why we have compiled this useful list of questions to ask your next commercial clearance company, before hiring them!

1. Can You Provide Transfer Notes?

One of the most important questions you should ask when hiring a company for your commercial clearance is whether they can provide transfer notes. Under governmental guidelines, organisations that dispose of non-hazardous business or commercial waste are required to provide a waste transfer note or a document with the same information, such as an invoice for each load that they manage. The point of these is that they trace the whereabouts and final destination of your waste to ensure it is legally and ethically disposed of. This note must be filled in, signed and kept for two years, ready to be shown to an environmental agent upon request. If you aren’t given one, your commercial clearance company is breaking the law, and you could get in serious trouble.

2. Are There Any Hidden Fees?

It is also vital to enquire about any hidden fees that might be incurred during the service - in order to save you from any nasty surprises. More often than not, these come in the form of parking, loading and licensing fees and can be exaggerated by companies if not agreed beforehand.

By asking this question to all companies prior to booking, you will be able to figure out the best and most accurate deals. As is advised with any service, always agree on a comprehensive and finalised price before booking in.

3. Can You Prove That You Are Licensed?

It is really important to also request to see licensing and insurance from all commercial waste removal companies. In particular, you need to ask to see a Waste Carrier License since this applies to any individuals and organisations that transport, dispose of and sell waste in a commercial manner. Without having seen these, you will not know whether or not a firm is eligible to dispose of your waste in the designated landfills and recycling plants. One way to quickly check their licensing yourself is to visit the public register which should detail any organisation registered for a license.

However, it is also important to consider whether the quality control systems in your company are still efficient, or whether they result in far too much waste. Waste can be reduced easily by addressing the most common mistakes and defects caused in manufacturing and seeking to resolve these directly. Addressing these will provide a long term solution to a recurring problem which will not only save you time and money, but also cut down your waste production.

4. Can You Give Me A Free Quote?

Prior to booking in for a commercial clearance, it is crucial to first request a quote - it is even better if this is completed free of charge! If you fail to get a quote beforehand, you risk being loaded with extra fees and exaggerated prices at the end of a clearance by opportunist clearance organisations. When receiving a quote don’t forget to negotiate on prices and find the right deal for you!

5. Do You Buy Anything?

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Many commercial waste removal companies are actually willing to pay for waste that they can profit from - meaning you could potentially make money rather than pay money for certain waste to be collected. This can be a real added bonus in commercial clearances since much of the waste contained in a commercial setting is cleared in high enough quantities to be profitable.